Friday, February 25, 2011

Forecast Your Face

I'm pissed, and not for the first time.  I was promised snow, dammit, EPIC fucking levels of snow.  First, the meteorologists said it was going to hit Wednesday, but then the cold front was moving so slowly they said it would hit us overnight on Thursday.  This turned out to be true.  HOWEVER, when I looked out my front door Thursday morning, after finding out all the schools had closed and hoping fervently that I could justify calling out from work, do you think this is what I saw?
Holy snow!

Or do you think I saw this:

I'll give you two guesses, and the first one doesn't count.

The first picture is the view after opening my door in December 2008, during one of the biggest snowstorms we've ever had during my lifetime (we don't get a lot of snow here.  Rain? Yes. Snow? No.).  The second picture is my front stoop Thursday morning.  AFTER they closed all the area schools.  What you see is less than one inch, and that's at my house in the East Valley.  Closer in, it looked like this:

Wait, no. Sorry. That's 2008 again.

Yeah.  Fear the frigidity.
I went into work, of course, thinking it would keep snowing (as the fuckers promised me it would) and I could leave early once it started to look like a justifiable reason to be home in my jammies.  And then the shit all melted.  It snowed several times during the day, with nothing to show at the end, and I got home and what do you think I found here? The 1/2" still on the ground, and the newspeople still flipping out about it.  Assholes.

It just seems even more ridiculous (because they do this every year) after the epic blizzards that stormed the rest of the country this winter. I mean, fucking Texas was snowed out.  And they're still gonna make a big deal about 1/2" of sticking snow?  I'm done with you, meterologists of the PNW.  You're dead to me.


  1. Weather is all just a big guessing game.

    Expecting a snow day and not getting one is such a HUGE disapointment! We haven't had any this year, but they did shut the office down early a few times (of course that was after I had already taken the day or afternoon off due to the impending storm).

    I am glad you didn't get stuck in the public transit hell of an actual snow storm. Once, during a particularly nasty storm, the bus jackknifed and got stuck. Rather than wait for another bus to show up (and get around the one I was currently on) I hitchhiked home with a co-worker. Did I mention that I was 8-months pregnant at the time? To this day he says the best way to hitchhike is with a pg lady! :)

    They cancelled school? Seriously? Geez, and I though they were trigger happy here! My kid has had 5 snow days this year. Plus the schools are just finishing a two week (instead of the usual one week) break because the Canada games are here. WTF?!


  2. Lololololol - that last pic of the meteorologists had me laughing out loud - so much so that I had to show it to my hubs. He remained nonplussed :-/

    Wow! And there's me thinking that the UK authorities are overly cautious! Over here, when snow days are forecast, I bring as much work home as I can and prepare to plug myself in from home - telephone and all - I can do pretty much everything I need to do while logged in to my work PC remotely.

    The worst thing, however, is trying to ascertain whether or not the schools are open. We're told to listen to local radio announcements (which don't always get it right), check radio websites (which usually fall over under the pressure), phone the school to listen to the latest announcement (but the line usually ends up being engaged) or check the school website (which again, can't cope with the amount of hits it's getting). All this, while trying trying to work out whether or not it's worth risking life and limb in order to drive the 13 miles to work, in order to be one of the select few who actually bothers to turn up.

    I've had it with snow days. I've had it with listening to local forecasts. From now on, I plan to take a look out of my window, phone a friend who lives on a slightly busier road, and decide from there.

    So sorry you didn't get your promised snow day. But it's not yet March - maybe there's time yet...

    CC x

  3. We were supposed to get 9 inches of snow here in Chicago, I woke up to... absolutely NOTHING!! Well nothing other than what hadn't melted from our blizzard a few weeks ago. It was just in the 50's last week for crying out loud! I have a feeling it will be more of the same "Your getting a ton of snow." until the end of March and I'll bet we don't get any more.

  4. Snow can suck my white ass right about now...on the realz. I know those of you who don't get snow (or much snow, anyway)tend to freak the fuck out over an inch or two. Some are excited (Yay! Isn't it soooo pretty!), and some who get stupid (I can't see the lines on the road! I don't know wtf is going on!), and some who get hopeful...see @MB (No work today! Suck it!). All are valid and no offense meant...but I live in the Upper Midwest ie: Santa's frozen asshole, and we have had soo much fucking snow this year that I want to slice myself right now. Seriously. Everything that has been forecasted for my general area has hit us...and then some. We have had 3 storms this year that dropped over a foot (2 of which were nearly 2ft) and my city doesn't shut down for SHIT! My kid in elementary school had 1 snow day and that was only cuz there was so much snow, the buses couldn't fit down the streets. But everything else was still open.
    How's that for some whine...?

  5. Ummmmm dude totally feelin ya on this. It was supposed to snow here. I live at the beach in cali. And I went outside this a.m., it's freaking sunny and just barely cold. Wtf?!

    Ok it wasn't supposed to snow AT my house but like 20 min away. I'm guessing that it's not. So much for snow angels.

  6. Sorry no day off work, I say call in sick and call it a mental health day.

    I for one am soooofaking tired of the snow here, and its nothing compared to the butt loads of snow last year. But last week, after I could finally see the grass in my yard again, which i don't think I'd seen since Christmas, we got another nine inches. I can think of much better ways to see nine inches!

    And then on Friday it happened. It rained and I liked it cause it washed all the white shit away, finally. If it snows in March, I'm gonna slit my wrists. Then I'm gonna buy a freaking house in the dessert, where it's sunny 360 days out of the year.