Musing Bella
 30 years old.  I love reading, baking, eating, drinking, sleeping, and generally being lazy. I have multiple useless educational achievements, and no focused career ambition. I also have a wonderful husband, adorable cat, and an unhealthy obsession with a certain teen vampire series, among other things...

Approaching the Dirty 30, and ridiculously obsessed with all things Twilight.

TwiKiwi (I_heart_fifty)
I’m a 31 year old twilight addicted fan fic h00r from New Zealand, idly passing the time until my next Robward fix comes along.

Going through a mid-life crisis and I don't care. I am utterly addicted to Twilight, obsessed with all things Twi. Oh yeah, I am also a wife, a mom, a vegetarian, gluten and dairy free. I like to write and paint. I also like to run but apparently my knees are protesting right now.


I am Smitten. Smitten with Twilight, Edward Cullen and RPattz. As only a true fan can, I devote equal amounts of time to SQUEEing uncontrollably and laughing at the ridiculousness.

Three things I know for certain: I love, I'm married, and I'm a woman. Everything else is subject to change. For some reason I find blogging to be therapeutic - whether I'm following my obsessions, questioning myself, or just plain bitchin'. Go figure!

I'm pretty effing interesting. Thats all you need to know :)

I'm a mum of 2 who has been completely and utterly taken over by all things Twilight and - in particular - Robert Pattinson. There, I've said it. Out loud.

Married mother of two grown kids, born and raised in Illinois, favorite number is 17 (incorporated into everything from license plate number to ankle tattoo), lead a relatively normal life until I saw Twilight, was hounded into reading the Twilight Saga (damn you, Karen!), heard Robert Pattinson's music, and found my favorite bloggers STY and JJ over at Twitarded. They lead, and I follow.


33 year old wifey and mommy who lives quite an unconventional lifestyle. Partly sane and entirely foulmouthed. Pretty much no topic is off limits for me. I love an inspired debate, and respect anyone who has the balls to voice their opinion!