Monday, February 14, 2011

Thankgawd For This Blog

Seriously, thankgawd I have a place to come [aside from twitter] to bitch and whine. Speaking of wine, I have had 3 small glasses thank you very much. Technically, the grand scheme of things. But who's counting?

Anyhoo, I had a shitty day. I got to work, optimistic as ever, cheery as a cheerio [are they cheery? Fuck if I know] and my day is moving along great...until a restaurant we work with eff'd up. I had a VERY important client meeting booked in their private room. Low and behold they double booked the room. Really? I called to confirm the date was a go, I changed the status to definite when I sent out t-holds, I even sent you the damn BEO. 2 hours later and 3 days prior to the event, you decide to tell me the girl that is recently "no longer with you," booked something while I had it on hold... AND she failed to mention this when I called to confirm it was a go. I have a signed contract with my client... FUCK YOU. Ok fine, I get it. I know people mess up. But today? When I was feeling all confident and smooth...when I was thinking this week was under control. When I was all stoked for to see Mr. MOS on Sat, when I was excited about my birthday, even though I have to work late and can't do anything fun... You made me look like an ASS. And, after my boss argued with you for a good 20 minutes, you still decide to keep the group of 20 that was booked AFTER my group... You do this even after you called us months ago bitching and whining because you don't get enough business. Times WERE tough asshole, but business is picking up now and this is when you decide to screw us over?!? Lovely. See if you get more business from us.

I'm about ready to. scare me Ronald.

Thankfully the problem was solved.... But guess what...about an hour after said problem was solved, I started to get that feeling you get BEFORE you get a sore throat. You know the one? Where you gland on one side feels a little off, then starts to feel like a tiny rock, then starts to feel a bit swollen. YUP. Damn you germs!

Yah, I'm talking to you.

I am dead serious when I say that I have not had the flu since1999. Now I consider the flu to be in bed, fever, feel like you're dying kind of illness. Some people consider it a cold. Waah, get over yourselves. Sure I have had sore throats (that seems to be a recurring symptom when I'm sick) and I have had colds and coughs...but that's it. In fact, the last time I had a cold was over a year ago. True fact. I did have a minor stomach flu about 8 mos puking though!

Anyhoo, it's just a very very minor sore throat. It could be nothing. It could be gone in the morning. I could have give RPattz too much head....BUT SERIOUSLY, I CANNOT GET SICK RIGHT NOW. Why not?

1. I have a huge, expensive event at the Hard Rock Hotel on Thursday night. Along with about 10 other minor dinners Wed & Thurs night (stuff I have booked)

2. My birthday is Wednesday.

3. 100 Monkeys is Sat.

In regards to #3, I'd have to be practically dying to not go. Trust. I figure IF I am getting sick, I should be on the upswing by Sat right?

I better.

Ok, I feel better, sorta.



  1. I hate when things that are entirely out of your control go wrong. SO Frustrating!

    I hope you aren't sick. Like sick sick. In any case, you WILL be better by Saturday. Positive thinking has got to count for something, right?! Sending healthy vibes your say.

  2. Healing thoughts coming your way. Sorry work was such a downer - I hate that confidence busting ick!

  3. Boo on that restaurant (and I hope it wasn't the one for whose corporate office I work! Eep!)!! In positive-thinking news, I felt like I was coming down with something all last week and it never turned into anything. So I hope that's what this is for you. And wine helps! (IMO) (((HUGS))) Wishing you a better work day and good health for the weekend! Also: happy birthday tomorrow!!

  4. Thanks ladies. Definitely had a sore throat all day...but no other that's good. I tend to get sore throats whenever I'm sick, but it can also be a sign I'm just fighting something. Just took some more Vitamin C and Zicam...hey, it can't hurt, right?

    xoxo J

  5. Oh sweetie, that really sucks arse!

    Massive HUGS to you my love. It's already your birthday here so that's gotta be a plus, right?

    You'll be sweet for the MOS. Lots of drugs... that's all I can say.

    Thinking of you xxxxxx

  6. Awwwwws I hate that you might be getting sick. This makes me sad for you but I'm really hoping that it's a false alarm and you're in perfect condition by Saturday morning. BTW HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAAAAAY! :)

  7. Happy Birthday Babe!

    I seriously hope you haven't succumbed to the dreaded lurgy - it's been doing the rounds in the CC household too :-( Oh, and frankly, you deserved to whine about your work situation - I think I would have birthed a kitten or two, had I been you. Thankfully, these days I don't need to deal with that kinda shit.

    Anyhoo - fill yourself with paracetamol and ENJOY the 100 Monkeys gig! GO GIRL!!!

    CC x