Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Went for a Walk Today and Found...

So today is really nice out, and by "really nice" I mean it's not snowing or sleeting, and the heavens are not throwing ice spears at me. Sad what passes for nice weather this time of year but the sun also made a brief appearance. I do miss the sun.

Not to mention it's actually above freezing, the temperature is sitting pretty at 45 degrees. It's not 70, but it's not 20 either, so I'll take it. By the way I hate that anything above 40 now seems warm to me. Of course due to said temperature, the trees are dropping lots of ice from their branches, but I think if I wear a hard hat when I venture outdoors, I'll be ok.

What goes through the mind of a crazy exercise fanatic on a day like this? Go for a walk-outside-of course! (Note: I'm not really an exercise fanatic, per se, but who in their right mind thinks to exercise outside in the middle of winter but exercise fanatics? Right?) So I headed out down my street. Lovely...

In case I didn't mention, I live in the woods, at the end of a dead end road, surrounded by farmlands. I like the privacy, and it's really peacful, yet only ten minutes from civilization and thirty from Baltimore. I really like it, most of the time, which brings me to what's got me all worked up today. Well, halfway through that lovely walk, down my dead end road, I was greeted by this...

WTF? Who dumps a disgusting old mattress on the side of the road? Seriously? And if they went through all the trouble of loading said disgusting mattress onto a truck, or more likely the roof of a beat up old car, why not drive the extra ten minutes to dispose of it properly... in the freaking dump? There really is a dump within ten minutes, I promise. It just baffles me, truly baffling. I guess my privacy is another's illegal dumping ground. Great!

Naturally on my way back I had to stop for a photo. And as I click away, burning this moment forever into my brain, what do I think about? What if said mattress is hiding something, like say a dead fucking body? I really am a bit disturbed.


  1. Oh.My.Gawd. It happens where you live too?

    It never ceases to amaze me how frequently local 'beauty spots' are blighted by the mindless ..... oh, mindlessness(!) of others. Do they not have a conscience?

    I am convinced that the people who do this kind of thing are not locals. They couldn't possibly be, since they would hate to have this sort of detritus on their doorstep.

    Here in the UK, you can visit a tip (dump) for free, as long as you haven't got a trailer or anything larger than a station-wagon. (4x4's are okay too). Even then, if you have something larger, you can apply online to have a temporary pass to enter the dump to get rid of your unwanteds. This is so that commercial types are made to pay to get rid of their bulk waste.

    So what do some of the less eco-savvy commercial types do? They fly-tip. And usually in a nice leafy lane, where they can't be watched. It makes my blood boil!

    Shame you didn't have the guts to look more closely to see if there were any identifying signs of the perp. Though given your concerns about what the mattress may be hiding, I'm not surprised.

    Don't go out unaccompanied until it's been removed!

    CC x

  2. My mind went right to the fear of their being something/someone inside that mattress. I would call the cops and have them remove it. Really, I would. Ugh!

  3. I'm so glad I'm not the only one immediately jumping to the conclusion it's a great place to hide dead bodies. Yeah, I should call someone, like the cops, because there is no way I'm going near that thing. I didn't even think about what diseases it could be carrying... eewww.

  4. Yikes!! Maybe they were driving along and it fell off and they didn't notice? Like, you said it's a dead-end, maybe they were turning around and took the corner too quickly? No?? Call the cops! There's a tiny dead person in there!

  5. I'm gonna have nighmares now about bodies wrapped in matresses. I'll be "whining" about it on here tomorrow. JK

    I hate when people do that stuff. So rude. I mean sure I have an old bed frame in my carport but you don't see me throwing it out on the street!

  6. LoL
    Actually, as soon as I saw the picture of the mattress, I instantly thought that it might be concealing a dead body. So I guess you're not that crazy, LoL.

    Seriously, the things that people dump in the forest totally pisses me off. Here, you're guaranteed to run into a rusty boiler, tub, fridge, stove, whatever, while walking through the woods. I am fucking dead serious. It's so sad.

  7. People do that kind of crap around here too. And what pisses me off most is that, at least here in the city, they allow us to include one large item (like a mattress) for pickup on garbage day.

    *eye roll* people, sheesh!

    I think it's the way that the mattress is folded that makes us think of dead bodies.