Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I can't see clearly now, and I'm OVER it

I love that I have a place to vent.... here goes nothin!

So, here's my really awkward story. I broke my glasses last week - like, they completely self-destructed. This happened about two hours before I was due to give a presentation at a conference, so I had to make a mad dash to an optometrist for some super glue. Cos that was really what I needed to help my nerves.

The glasses aren't that old and are still under warranty so I went to get them fixed on my day off yesterday, thinking I could wait, and get them back right away. Ahhh, no. They're keeping them there for a week. At least. I have no spare pair of glasses. Shit!

Pretty much like this.
I have a couple of options. None of them are ideal and all of them piss me off, hence the need to WHINE!

I have contacts, that I rarely wear. I have allergy eyes and contacts irritate the fuck out of them. I can manage for about three hours... so, for a few hours this morning I fooled myself into thinking everything was fine. Oh, and contact lenses don't correct my stigmatism, so it turns out the ole vision isn't that sharp with them in anyway. Safety first.

So, about lunchtime I switched to an old pair of glasses I had at home, but they're an old prescription so they hurt too, especially staring at a screen all day. Oh, and has anyone ever gone from glasses with a coated anti-glare, anti-reflect lens, to a pair with neither? It's like a disco of light reflection is going on around the outside of your eyes. Cos that's not annoying AT ALL.

I spent the afternoon alternating between this fun party laser light show, and my third option - wearing my prescription sunglasses. They're perfect in terms of vision, it's just that.......they're sunglasses. 

I'm inside. In an office. With sunnies on. My colleagues alternated between calling me Barry White & Stevie Wonder. Fun times.

I'm so sexy right now. 

Umm, yeah. You can laugh.
OK, end rant. I feel better. Thanks for listening. This week can't pass quickly enough.

Now I need to go lie down and get rid of the frontal lobe headache I got goin on. Over and out.


  1. I'll bet you look superfly inside working away with your shades on!! :)

    I wear contacts and only very rarely take them out and put on my ancient glasses, which I hadn't replaced cuz a) I don't wear, and b) it's expensive. So OF COURSE, my kids bring home the pink eye. UGH just what I don't need. I broke down and ordered a new pair because wearing my old glasses for any length of time is really uncomfortable. My new glasses arrived last week, and I quite like them. I even wore them over the weekend and voluntarily left the house (a big feat for me).

    When will you get them back?

  2. I have allergy eyes part of the year but I manage to make it through with my contacts, it took about a million different tries to find contacts that wouldn't dry out or increase the irritation. I use Acuvue Oasys for astigmatism. I don't know what brand contacts you use but these are the best for people with astigmatism, I don't know what they're made of but I rarely get dry eyes anymore even on days when the weatherman alerts me that everything I'm allergic to is on an astronomical level lol.

    I hope you get your glasses back quickly, and I hope my contact recommendation helps too.

  3. Ugh, last year, no wait, two years ago (note to self: shit I need to make appt for eye doc) I had my old frames updated with new prescription lens so that I had a back up. It was cheaper than buying 3 complete sets, especially when I was already buying a special super cool pair of sunglasses too (I hate transition lenses and my eyes are not bad enough to warrant contacts).

    I can't even tell youthe number of times I've had to wear sunglasses to movies or at night because because I forgot the regular ones. Just act super cool and everyone will think it's totally on purpose.

  4. Awww I totally didn't mean to laugh when I got this rant in an email but I always have to sit in my office w/ sunglasses on due to migraines so I completely understand. At my old job, people would notice I had my sunglasses on and say "Jamie has a migraine!" so they'd turn off the lights and shut the blinds. It was pretty awesome but definitely for the first times, I got some weird weird looks.

    I ddefinitely need to go to the eye doctor. My glasses are like 5 years old and I'm pretty sure my eyes have gotten way worse since I got them. I even have insurance. No idea what I'm waiting for haha.

  5. Aw, I feel for you hun! I recently had my eyes re-tested and it turns out I now need two different prescriptions, depending on what I'm doing. The ones I currently have are fine for PC work (but my favourite pair has an annoying scratch on the lens), but for close work I should have stronger lenses.

    My optometrist spoke about vari-focals... SHIT! That's what OLD people wear!!! I couldn't cope with contacts - I have a real aversion to anything to do with eyes. I guess I'm gonna try to live with what I have for as long as possible - they're so expensive!

    Hope you soon get your proper glasses back, babe.

    CC x

  6. Boo! I have glasses only for the computer, and I basically can't look at a monitor for very long without putting them on or I'll get a raging headache that lasts for about a day, so I can imagine your pain and frustration with this. I'll bet you look hot and hip in your sunglasses, though. You should pull a Patrick-Dempsey-in-Can't-Buy-Me-Love and use the sunglasses to hide the fact that you're sleeping at your desk. ;) Hope the week passes quickly for you, bb!!

  7. Thanks for the support and tips, girlies!

    24 hours on, the old glasses are working better for me, think I may have adjusted. Still horrible, but fewer headaches - yay!

    Still love rocking the sunnies at work, it's hilarious to see the look on peoples' faces!

  8. How funny that I would read this post today... I went to the eye doctor today at 9am for my appointment (missed a year) and I know I will need an update Rx and I wasn't wrong. What I didn't expect was that they don't reverse the dilating drops anymore!!! What?? I drove myself, how am I supposed to drive home??? Well I did and it was horrible. Soooooo bright - first full sunshine day in weeks of course!! Then the best part... my eyes were still dilated at 4pm!!! Owwwww now it is 7pm and I think they might be normal finally. Ugh! Can't wait to get new glasses and see better!!

    Sorry for your troubles though not being able to see properly is an extremely annoying part of life.