Tuesday, March 22, 2011

*tap tap* Is This Thing On?

Hey, um, what's with the lack of whining?

Are you telling me that our collective lives have been so fucking great for the last THREE WEEKS that we have no whining to do?  I call bullshit!

Actually, I call too-busy-to-whine.  I'm also not up to another round of the One Lovely Blog award, although we won it!

Thanks to smartEpantz, the Borderline Phenomenal BFFs, and Smitten who have bequeathed unto us the distinguished honor of the OLB.  Here are our 7 facts:

1 - TwiKiwi50 lives in New Zealand.
2 - inotu is gluten-free.  And dairy-free.
3 - jaymes805 has touched Jackson Rathbone (although not his Rathboner, I don't think).
4 - Living with Edward is fucking hilarious. Fact.
5 - Jelena wrote a fan fic (and you should read it if you like fan fic).
6 - Chloe Cougar is building a summer house in her backyard.
7 - Twired Jen is getting married this year!

How's that for seven random facts? (Feel free to correct me if I got yours wrong... except you, LwE).

Oh, and I have several blogs to recommend - they're over on our blog roll, and I like to call them our other blogs. :)  So, thanks, E, J, D, and S!*

*Updated to include all blogs that nominated us!


  1. Oh so now she's whining about the lack of whining??

    I'm whining a shit load over here. About being too fucking busy, being sick, winter coming, no time for blogging BLAH BLAH BLAH.

    I'm also whining about the fact that when I'm on twitter and blogger, 3/4 of my friends are sleeping. Yesterday. Grr. Like you all are right now.

    Yup, my fact is right! Surprise!'s a new fact you didn't know about me. I shaved my head three years ago in support of the charity I worked for. Might change my twitter avi soon to show you all. Might also tweet a link to my YouTube clip of the shave.

    Guess you'll have to follow me and talk to me to find out, right? @TwiKiwi50.

    Woah, rant over. Will just go back to talking to myself now...

  2. LOL, the only reason I haven't posted is because Mr NotSmitten is always within sight of the computer... Somehow it just doesn't seem fair to bitch so formally about him when he's sitting 10 feet away. Or maybe I just don't want to get caught complaining about him over the interwebs.

    And jsyk, I nominated this blog also. I figured that was okay since I haven't posted anything myself yet. Maybe I forgot to include you on the tweet.

  3. I don't get it. My blogger account showed this blog still at being 18 posts *stomps foot*. See, I logged in today with the express purpose of posting a whiny post - and MB has gone and beaten me to it! *stomps foot some more*

    Anyhow, you got my fact right :-) And I'm mortified by the fact that I didn't include this blog in my nominations - I guess it was because I didn't think I could nominate a collab I'm involved in.

    No matter. I'm gonna write a post now. Cos this blog is the dog's (and in case you have no idea what that means - it might just be an English thing - then feel free to contact me via Twitter... @cougarchloe)

    Lololololing at Smitten ;-)

    CC x

  4. U think I got nothin' to whine about??!!'s on now. As the new kid on the blog I was trying to be polite and patient until I felt properly acclimated, but fuck that noise now!

    @CC - is "the dog's" akin to the American saying "the tits"? Lol!

  5. I have so so much to whine about... but everytime I want to whine, I dont have the time or patience to write a blog. I will soon, promises.

    And I haven't touched the Rathboner sadly. Thanks for the reminder. BTW all of you h00rs better be following me over at!