Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The 'Do' That Wasn't

I've been MIA for a bit. It seems to me, there's been so much sadness going on in the world, that a whiny post would have seemed a bit wrong. But it's time, dear readers, it's time. So here's my whine of the week:

Yesterday I spent the entire afternoon at the hairdresser. I've been refraining from applying the usual 'semi-permanent' colour for the last God-knows-however-many-weeks, because I had finally decided that it was time to treat myself to a permanent colour and highlights. This was a big step for me.

Not quite me...
The last time I had my hair professionally coloured was probably about 20 years ago - and that time I went blonde :-o  These days, I tend to stick to semi-permanent colours, as I like a bit of variety - darker colour (i.e. Black Cherry) in the winter months; lighter colour (i.e. Warm Chestnut) in the summer months. To be honest, they all look pretty much the same (my hairdresser calls it 'build-up'), and sadly, they no longer cover the increasing amount of grey hair I've developed over the years.

I refuse to go grey. I mean, I'm sure I'll capitulate eventually, but Not. Right. Now. D'ya get me Mother Nature? So it was with some trepidation that I entered the salon yesterday at 1pm and prepared myself for the hours of 'pampering'.

Hmmm, does something tell you I'm not a great fan of going to the hairdresser?
Three hours later I emerged: full head tint coupled with highlights, hair cut back into shape, conditioning treatment applied. I even spent the 'developing' time reading fanfic on my iPod (thank God Stanza has an option to increase the font size - I was unable to wear my glasses!). I was happy with the result - my hair felt manageable once again and I thought the lighter colour made me look a little fresher and - dare I say it - younger.

I arrived home to positive feedback from my sons, Thing1 and Thing2 (I clearly have them well-trained!). By the time my darling husband (she says with gritted teeth) arrived home, I was well and truly at ease with my new 'do' and looking forward to some positive husbandly feedback. By this time, however, I was also cooking dinner. This is what ensued:


Hubs arrives home, plonks his bag in the hallway and enters the kitchen. I have my back to him, so he should be able to see - immediately - that my hair is shorter.

Hubs: [peering into the pan] Hmmm, what are you cooking?

Me: Well, I didn't have enough time to roast this, and Delia's cookbook says it's a pot-roast cut anyway - so I'm gonna pot-roast it [endeavours to disregard his lack of attention to the 'do']

Hubs: Hmm, okay [he walks away and doesn't comment on the 'do']

Hubs re-enters kitchen a little while later - and still doesn't comment on the 'do'.

Me: Ummm, have you not noticed anything?

Hubs: Huh?

Me:  My hair, perhaps?

Hubs: [gazes at my head for a moment] Well, it's a lot shorter... [he pauses] Um, and it's ginger.

He pauses again, then leads me out through the back door into the daylight.

Hubs: Why did she leave the grey in? [he plucks a grey hair from the top of my head]

I give up.


Needless to say, despite his numerous apologies, I haven't let my DH off the hook...

But, you know what? I like my hair. I can see the difference. And that's what matters, right?

This post was brought to you from the UK by CC x


  1. Oh no he di'int!!!

    Oh hun, I don't even know what to say to that. If it's any consolation something like that from my hubs wouldn't really surprise me, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't hurt.

    I'm happy that YOU like your new 'do though!!!

  2. If you like it, that's what counts! Buuuuuut it does suck spending hours and dollars at a salon only to be disregarded by those you were hoping would notice...and possibly shower you with compliments. Boys are dumb. True facts.

    One time many years ago I decided to see what life would be like with short hair, and I promptly went out and got theeeee shortest bob known to man. I kinda liked it at first, but now know that I am a long hair person because that cut + my round face + my short neck made me look like a weeble. Never again. All my hubtard could muster up in response to my haircut was "it looks...modern."

    Go out and rock those highlights girrrrrrl!


  3. Yay for the new do! I LOVE hanging out with my stylist and to walk away with a great new do, priceless.

    As for the hubs? I have one word for a guy who unprovoked notices a woman's hairdo: gay. It never fails my gay guy friends notice not only a new hair color, a new makeup style and outfit while my husband never notices anything without prodding.

  4. Oh noes! Well, I'm sure you look fabulous, despite his lack of notice. Men, I tell ya.

    I need a new 'do to go with my fab new position at work.. hmm... you've inspired me...

  5. Men are blind and a little slow. I bet you look beautiful!

  6. I am feeling somewhat smug that I have seen the before and after pics of said new 'do... and as I said in the email, you look damn cute, girl!

    Men are simple creatures. We know this.

  7. Gasp! Oh no!

    Men can be such idiots sometime. They don't get that as much as we change it for ourselves, we do it for them too.
    He definitely needs to do something serious to make up for that comment.

    Btw, that photo from LIFE totally scared the living shit out of me. WTF is that???

    P.S. I just read TwiKiwi's comment. I wanna see the before and after too. You should've posted them here. :D

  8. Is your DH related to my ML??? Because that sounds exactly like something he would say. Men are special and not necessarily in a good way.

    As long as you like your hair and it makes you feel good, that's all the matter.

  9. Guys are so clueless. They need a memo.
    Perhaps Thing 1 and Thing 2 will learn to take it upon themselves to prep Dad and clue him in.

    I'm sure it looks great so enjoy!

  10. 1) There are no men, only boys.
    2) I am glad that at least your sons took notice and commented.
    3) I would love to see the pictures :)