Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Father Time Can Kiss My Arse*

*Jamie - the 'arse' was just for you. Appreciate.

I am in the mood for full-on whinging tonight. You have been warned. I have only the vaguest of ideas where this post is going. But who doesn't love a good ol' flight-of-ideas rant?

Last weekend our clocks changed. Daylight Savings time is over. Summer is over. I have seasonal affective disorder just thinking about it.

I know, I know. When my summer started, and you were all staring down the depths of a long cold winter, we discussed the fact that all my "yay, sunshine" shit would bite me in a few months. Well, here 'tis. I'm not THAT sad really, cos in about four months (*ahem* 116 days to be precise) I'm gonna be basking in some West Coast USA sunshine. For FOUR WHOLE WEEKS. Ah, shit... I digress.

What I really wanted to whine about tonight is the time difference thing that comes with being on the other side of the planet to the majority of your friends. While I was on Daylight Savings time and you guys weren't, the difference between NZ and the West Coast was four hours. It was three for a wee while there, until your clocks changed.

Three hours is not bad. Easy to manage. Most of the time there were peeps on twitter, and things quieten down in the early evening, before the UK tweeps wake up *waves to @CougarChloe, @SQicedragon and @EdBrella*

Let me add here that I'm well aware of my 'Future Girl' status. I love nothing more than a good Friday when you're all still back there in Thursday. I love it when I wake up on Saturdays and people are bitching about how it's not the weekend yet. I take it as well as I give it (I hope) when I'm at work on Mondays and you're all chilling in your Sunday-ness.

Anyhoo. Now, the difference between me and the Cali/WA girls is FIVE HOURS. That means, when I get home, settle into the couch, grab some dinner, and jump online, most people are going to bed. GAH! I miss you all! I don't get a lot of opportunities to tweet during the workday because I share an office with a staff member of mine (you know the one) who can see my screens easily. Lead by example and all that. I'm usually on gmail chat, cos that's a little more discreet, and I do tweet on my phone a wee bit, but it's not the same.

It's always been a given that I usually miss the East Coasters in the evenings. Here's an example of how this time zone shit works *consults iPhone world clock app for the millionth time*

NZ time right now: 9.43pm
US West Coast time: 2.43am
US East Coast time: 5.43am
UK time: 10.43am

So basically, I'm getting all lonely on twitter in the evenings and I don't like it one bit. I feel sorry for my Aussie tweeps, like @EdwardsIsobel, three more hours behind me. 

That's really all I wanted to say. I love (in my own selfish way) that @AllTwiedUp works crazy-arse hours cos sometimes she's around at stupid-o'clock and hangs out with me. I love when my tweeps have insomnia cos I'm usually here. What I'm really getting at is... it's all about MEEEEE, people! Wait, what? It's not? Oh, shut up.

How rude of me. I neglected to mention my new Kiwi twi-friend, @vampthenewblack. She's cool, and even better... awake at the same time as me. I look forward to getting to know you better my dear :-)

I think that's quite enough. Imma hop down off this soapbox now and go look at some more Robp0rn. Cos that's how I roll. Feel free to play the world's smallest violin for me in the comments.


  1. Case in point! I hit "Publish" at 9.59pm - and blogger says 2.59am. Blergh.

  2. Gah - Timezones do my head in too!!!
    Great post.

  3. What am I, chopped liver? ;)

  4. @vampisthenewblack - edited, just for you sweetie. A thousand apologies.

  5. We are a talented Twi-dom. Seems like one of us should be able to invent a time machine so we can all be on-line at the same time. Until then we will continue to be jealous of your advance weekends and enjoy the few times we do get to tweet at the same time as you.

    PS- feel fee to add me to your Gmail chat.

  6. I feel your pain! While I am obviously very close in time zones to the US, I still feel like I'm going to bed when everyone else is just getting going. Just last week @Jaymes805 wouldn't even start drinking at work so that we could get drunk together. Some friend. :P

    Usually I read on the way to work, but we could tweet (that would be right before bedtime for you).

    I didn't realize your trip was for 4 weeks!!! Sa-weet!!!! Also, jealous. Who all are you going to meet/visit?

    We're still on for commiseration tweets while all these h00rs are in Foooorks, right?!


  7. Having a time difference is bad enough but then add in the time changing and it changing at different times and .... I can't even understand my own comment here ... arg! I just can't wait until we are both in the same time zone in 116 days!!! or is that 115 or 117 by our time?? Arg!

  8. Let me first just say that time zones do suck but I loath daylight savings time... when our clocks change it takes me weeks to get used to the change then it feels like the next thing I know we're changing them again. I hate when it get's dark at 4:30 in the afternoon (that was before we changed the clocks this most recent time).

    And while time zones do suck because we're all days or hours ahead/behind each other the best thing is Twitter because we can all jump in whenever... when we're working, when we're supposed to be sleeping, first thing in the morning.. there's always a time to chat. My favorite time on Twitter is the middle of the night(my time) bc it's easier to follow the feed when most everyone is sleeping. I don't know if it's a good or bad thing to be in US Central Standard time??? But I'll let you know when I figure it out :)

  9. Hahaha "arse" <---- damn you, everytime I use the word "ass" now, I change it to that!

    @smitten - I would have gotten drunk at work if I could. But I sit in the middle of the office so pounding a flask of vodka might have been a little obvious. Work is such a cock block.

    Awww Twikiwi, I've been missing you around lately. RL is a dick. Why can't we all just be on the same time zone.. there has to be a "TST" right? Twitter Standard Time?!

  10. :) I love that you are up when I have the rare opportunity to be on at certain late hours!!!

    I hate the time change, too. I miss living in Hawaii when we didn't have to change our clocks. We still had to adjust to everybody else's time change, but our was always consistent.

    love you, bb!!

  11. I'm going to pretend not to notice that Oregon was completely left out of your West Coast rundown. ... No, I'm not - WTH? Now it's my turn to say "what am I, chopped liver?"

    I haven't been on Twitter much lately, but I am always happy when you're on there, too, and I'm not going to even pretend to understand the time difference. You're too far in the future for me to figure it out. Anything beyond either ocean is too much math for me (so basically I don't want to add more than 3 to anything). =P

    Don't get me started on DST - what a fucking waste of time (literally). Let's just all say that this is the right time and leave the fucking clocks alone. I hate adjusting.

    Miss you, and agree with this rant!

  12. Wow, thanks dudes!

    @Icy - you're too kind. And thanks for encouraging your legions of followers to RT!

    @vampisthenewblack - are you speaking to me again?

    @twitardedmom - great idea! I need to update my gmail contacts so when I do I will totally add you!

    @smitten - hells yeah we're on. And yeah, you can't trust Jamie...

    @DD - I cannot wait for Napa! Going to start a full itinerary soon and that excites my OCD and list making needs :-)

    @Kassie - good luck with that! It's so confusing. I have one city from each of the US timezones on my iPhone so that I can tell!

    @Jamie - TST! What a great idea! RL is slamming me, but we'll cope. Thank you again for being you.

    @alltwiedup - right back atcha baby x

    @MB - I'M SORRY! I hope my twitter explanations this afternoon were sufficient... hehehe. Thank god for this blog, eh?

  13. I can imagine how lonely you must be feeling on Twitter. Btw, I hate daylight savings time. I don't get the purpose of it. Why don't we just fucking leave the clock alone.

  14. This post has left me feeling all confused. I mean, am I posting my comment before or after the US tweeps have done? And if 'before', then why are theirs appearing before mine? Or is it just that I'm super l2p?

    Fuck it. I hate timezones with a passion. I wish I'd never got involved in this fandom. Life was so much easier when I was in my own little British bubble.

    I JEST!!!!! :-D

    What I hate most, is waking in the morning and having to trawl through my TL and TJ all over the place. I feel like a right stalker! But I do it, cuz I want to be kept in the loop. Especially since I'm (almost definitely) headed to Forks in September of this year...

    Fab post, as always, hun. Keep 'em coming!

    CC x

  15. Oh, and actually, it's 21:10 where I live...

  16. Who needs clocks anyway? I get up when the parrots start screeching and go to bed when the lions start prowling.