Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's NOT My Upper Lip.

I present you the lively & historic Gaslamp Quarter of downtown San Diego.....

.....A conglomeration of delicious restaurants, lively bars, historic office buildings, great people watching, and last but certainly not least.....


No Justin Bieber, I said VOMIT, not shit.

And I'll have you know it's not my upper lip. I understand that people happens. But why oh why can't you find a damn trash can? Or how about not getting so drunk that you hurl all over the sidewalk?

Some of you may know I almost slipped and fell to my death in a pile of vomit just oustide my car. I was traumatized for a week. Now every morning when I walk the short 1 block walk to my office building, not only am I watching where I step, I'm also trying not to breath through my nose.




  1. OMG, Jen! How unfortunate. I did NOT know you slipped in vomit (I don't think). Also unfortunate: I vomited ALL OVER the street at my Bachelorette party. My MOH had to kick some ass to get me admitted to the restaurant at which we had just arrived after that pleasantness. So I'm sorry, but I have been part of the problem in the past. I strive every day to not vomit in the street. You're welcome, America.

  2. OH! And nice job on the excellent post! I love it!

  3. PMSL Erin...really?!? LMAO! I have too much of a fear on vomiting in public that it prevents me from getting close.

    I puked in a train station in Madrid a trash can thank was mortifying nontheless...oh, and I was NOT drunk. Just homesick and emotionally distressed lol!

  4. Hahah that pic of the Biebs made me laugh so hard! Awww ick! Falling in vomit is the WORST! Hopefully there wasn't a lot but still bleh SO gross. But yay I get to tell vomit stories!!!!

    Vomit Story #1. When I lived in Carlsbad, me and some friends were going to go out in downtown SD one night. We left our house at like 8, stopped at another friend's house to drink in La Jolla (aka chug vodka out of the bottle) and then headed downtown (don't worry, we had a sober driver, my friend Cory). We got downtown at 930 or so and got in line at Belo. I was so drunk that I had to throw up right then so I ran into the really fancy restaurant next door (at least I think it was fancy but my sight was blurry) and threw up in the bathroom. While doing so, they were playing clips from the movie Air Force One over the speakers and I thought it was real. I was like "Holy shit, Air Force One was taken over by terrorists, what's going to happen?!?!?!" haha. Awesomeness. I stumbled out of the bathroom, across the restaurant and my friend Cory told me he was taking me home. And then I threw up in the parking garage. So I was back home and in my bed by 1030. Pretty awesome trip! Moral of the story is this: Sorry if I contributed to the smell of San Diego at some point.

    Vomit Story #2- When I still lived in SD and Amanda lived in SLO (where we now live) for a year or so, I drove up to here to visit her and a bunch of our friends for the weekend. They were all out drinking so I just was going to meet up with all of them at a bar. I was walking down the street and Amanda was across the street at a stop light. I was coming up to the street to cross it and i fell in the hugest pile of throw up and f'ed up my knee so bad. I had it all over my pants, my HANDS and my shoes. Bleh. Messed up my knee pretty bad too, couldn't straighten it and was limping the rest of the weekend. I now have a scar that I've named my vomit scar. Moral of the story:

    I have some pretty awesome vomit stories, there was a good year where every time I'd drink, I would get sick... I didn't know my limit or something ha.

    BTW this is an awesome blog ladies! I love whining/venting, especially with amazingly funny h00rs like you. So excited to keep reading and following along :)

  5. J- OMG that last one is BRUTAL. I'd probably have an anxiety attack right then & there, if I didn't start puking..or at least dry heaving at the thought of some strangers puke on me. NASTY!!!!!

  6. Oohhhkay. Firstly, MB - love what you've done with the place! Nice background!

    Vomit stories... I have a few. The last time I drank until vomiting was my 26th birthday. That makes it 5 years ago. Sheesh, I must be a grown up now. Sure, I still get wasted, I just keep it in and feel like shit the next day. Eww.

    The most memorable was one night, back of my friend's car... long story short: I'm happy -> I'm WASTED -> I'm sleepy -> Holy shit pull over I'm gonna... -> vomit in the gutter. In the main street. In front of a LOT of people. Yeah, I'm a winner.

    Hmm, SO looking forward to coming to SD now. Will bring a noseplug.

  7. Ok, that's gross! I'll consider myself lucky that I don't have to worry about smelling or slipping in vomit on my way to work every day!

    I've done my share of puking., but can't think of any good stories. Likely I was too drunk to remember!

    LMAO@ picture of the Beaver!!

  8. @MB the blog sure looks purdy now!! Thanks Amy & Lisa!!!

  9. Wow, really? I guess I'll scratch San Diego from my "To Visit" list. ;) JK, of course.

    I don't have a "To Visit" list, LoL.

  10. I don't know whether to laugh or puke.
    Those are some disgusting tales, Jaymes! *gags* I'm so sorry - I don't know what I would do if I had to touch someone else's vomit. I have NO idea what I'm going to do when I have kids. I suppose I'll just get used to it? Let's hope. Yuck.

    @Jelena - LMAO at your parting line.

    @Smitten - thanks, bb! This is just a temporary fix. I found it in the blogger templates, but it seemed so fitting. Hopefully we'll spiff the place up over the weekend. I'll have more time then, don't know about Amy or Lisa, but hopefully. Yay! We'll get it done one way or another!!

  11. Since I have had stomach problems all my life I could fill a book with my throw up stories. Let's just say every year of grade school I threw up at least once all over my school desk. Go me!

    I don't drink so I have no drunk throw up stories, sorry.

  12. @DD- You poor thing. I'm sure it was horrible not knowing what was causing it at the time.

  13. @MB - Glad you laughed, because that was the point. :D

    @DD - Ay! That must've been so horrible for you.