Saturday, January 29, 2011

A big FLAT pain in the arse

First - a warning. This is a full-on rant. I am really hormonal right now and what happened this evening - well, let's just say I could have done without it. How convenient that MB created this blog... so timely.

For those of you who were tweeting along with the fun... bear with me while I recount my experiences...

So, this evening I was just sitting on my couch, tweeting, as I do of a Saturday evening. MusingBella, Jaymes805, RenaBug1 and LivingwEdward were chatting about Vampires Suck. I've wanted to see that movie for ages, and the more they tweeted, the more I wanted to go get it. So, I hopped in the car and headed to the mall, 5 minutes from my house.

A short while later, movie and takeaways in hand, I head back to the car, only to discover this:

So. Not. Happy.

You see, this happened to me not two weeks ago.

Same wheel. I took my flat to the local tyre store and asked for a repair. Nothing out of the ordinary, except apparently that tyre had been driven on flat for too long and was destroyed. 'Not to worry', according to the guy, 'we've got some second hand tyres here, in good condition, that will be just fine'. I'd had second hand tyres in the past with no problems, so I happily accepted this, handed over my $69, and went on my way.

Until today.

When I waited AN HOUR AND A HALF for roadside assistance. So glad I had my takeaways, and my phone! Thank God for Twitter and fanfic when you've got time on your hands, eh?

The roadside assistance guy reckons the tyre shop guys ripped me off with a dodgy tyre. Do ya think? No shit, Sherlock.

So yeah, I'll be going back to the tyre shop next week to have some stern words with the manager. He won't know what's hit him.

Now, I'm finally home, and watching Vampires Suck. It's funny, which is good. If not, I'd feel supremely pissed off that I coulda stayed home on the couch and watched a different DVD. J/S.

Thanks for letting me vent! Over and out.


  1. I would've been so pissed off!! I can't wait to hear how you laid out at the manager. Please, keep us informed.

    But yes, it really is good that you had access to internet, and some food, while you waited for roadside assistance.

  2. I forgot to say that I too can't wait to see Vampires Suck. Thanks for reminding me. Gonna d/l it asap.

  3. A well deserved rant bb! That sure sucks. Give em a piece of your mind on Monday!!

  4. I am so sorry about your tire. I hope you can get some resolve with the manager. I hate bad service.

  5. What a douchey tire store guy! I, too, can't wait to hear about your visit back there. I do still feel badly that we had a part in you running out to get the DVD, buuuut I'm super glad you liked it!!

  6. So not a fun way to spend a Saturday night or whatever day/night it was in future time.. I need to put your time in the "world clock" on my iphone so I know haha.

    Glad you liked the movie though AND got to start a new ff. Flat tires blow... I also had a flat tire a week or so after getting one from a tire shop and I'm pretty sure they gave me a new one for free. So give them hell bb and hopefully you come out with a new tire!

  7. Hi everyone,

    Thanks for your kind words! It's a public holiday here tomorrow but when they open for business on Tuesday I'll be right down there to see what the story is. I'll be sure to report back!

    Oh, and now I'm addicted to The Red Line. Great fic... good thing there was battery on my iPhone while stranded, methinks!