Monday, February 27, 2012

Why I'm Looking for a New Job

Heeeeeeeey, whiners! This seems like a better place to explain what's happening in my work life than Cheaper Than Therapy (which is a desolate place these days). So you all know that I started a new job in December, right? It was going to be a dream job! Work mostly by myself, easy office management work that I can totally do, yadda yadda yadda, right?

What's wrong with my work, you ask?  Well, for one thing, there's not enough to do. Which sounds great, at first.  But I'd really rather be busy at work so the time will pass.  I've spent enough time at work surfing the 'net, reading fan fic, and generally wasting time - so much time that it's lost its novelty. Ridiculous, right?  But other than that, this is also largely accounting work. And I am NOT an accountant.

Also, not having shit to do all day, most every day, means that when things come up that need to get done, I have no motivation to do them. I seem to work better if I'm constantly working. 

I'm also basically chained to my desk from 8:30-4:30 every day. Like, I can't leave for lunch. Or breaks.  If I go to the bathroom (which I refuse not to do), I run the risk of missing a phone call from the ever-elusive boss. If I miss a phone call, I get a lecture about how I should always answer the phone, no matter what.  What would happen if I missed a call from someone?  Gee... maybe he doesn't know we have VOICEMAIL. 

Pretty sure this is what he thinks would happen if I took 20 minutes to go to Subway.

Finally, and quite importantly, my boss is a racist, bigoted, 1 percenter asshole.  I swear to God, he uses the word "negro," makes all sorts of sexist comments, and told a man named Leo Rosenbaum that he couldn't talk because he had an appointment for a circumcision to get to, after which he would don a yarmulke and change his name to Shmuel.  For reals.  I sat there with my mouth agape, and after he hung up, he was like, "That was pretty funny, right?" And I said, "You may have offended him, if he's Jewish."  He just said, "Well, I thought it was funny. I'm funny."

I believe he has anger issues, because he's mean about everyone. He has to wait in line at the bank for two minutes? They're "all idiots and couldn't find their assholes with a flashlight."  

Last week, I told the boss that I thought he'd be better off with a part-time accountant.  That's right, I tried to talk him out of my employment here.  He heard nothing I said, basically, and advised me to enjoy the "down-time." *sigh*

Ultimately, this job is just not the right fit for me.  I don't mind free time, I don't mind getting paid for it. I do mind being a beck-and-call-girl to a racist rich guy.  I can do better than this, even if I get paid less.

Luckily (have we ever had a whine that ended on a high note?), we have a temp accountant in, who is meant to be cleaning up the books (but whom I'm hoping to train at my job), and I have a second interview for an Executive Assistant position (which sounds like a GREAT fit, and I'm trying to be more objective this time around) tonight at 5:15PM, and a phone interview for a different Executive Assistant position tomorrow at 4:30PM.  Hopefully, I can get out of here soon.


  1. Wow...he sounds SUPER douchey! You definitely don't need that kind of crap do deal with at work! *fingers crossed* that your interviews go well!!! :) Keep us posted!

  2. Wow, he sounds like a real treat. Is he single?

    I had a boss like that once... for an unpaid internship. The man was in PR for crying out loud (regular contributor to news networks... you may have seen him on tv. He's a miserable little asshole who looks like Stanley from SatC), and yet he would stand in the middle of the office and say, with a shit-eating grin on his face, "everybody, I've got an announcement." I fell for it the first few times and looked up from my work, only to hear him tell a racist joke. Uncomfortable laughter ensued... I just sat there, stone-faced. I retrospect, I should have stood up, told him it was wrong, and stormed out of there. Eventually I stopped looking up from my work when he said he had an announcement, trying to ignore him, and he would literally stop and say, "Jessica, I have an announcement, please pay attention." Srsly man, I'm here to work. I did eventually quit the internship, at which time the other boss told me how disappointed she was in me. Eff you, lady.

    Er, so back to the point. I'm totally behind you. Quit! Good luck with the interviews! They'd be lucky to have you, and you can tell them I said so :)

  3. OMG get the heck outta there! That guy is a superdouche!

    Good luck with your interviews, I'm sure you'll do great and they'll hire you right away!

  4. Wow that's super crappy! Having nothing to do at work is the worst! I remember when I first started working here, I had 3 years of nothing to do... right when I was looking for a new job and getting ready to peace out of here, we merged with another company and I'm constantly busy.
    I hope you're able to find a new awesome job where your boss isn't a douche canoe. Loves you!

  5. Sound like a JERK! Good think you're getting outta there. I'm like you, downtime is great, but then when it gets busy it's hard to focus. I need to stay busy....or I fall off the wagon.

    Thinking of you! Anyone would be lucky to hire you ;)

    xo J

  6. Crikey! Your boss sounds like someone I'd like to kick in the nads. Hard. You're doing the right thing by looking to get out of there...

    I know we all wish we could have a couple of quiet days at work (I mean, who wouldn't like the occasional opportunity to catch up on their reading or interwebz trawling?), but to have that every single day must be absolutely soul-destroying. You have way more to offer.

    Good luck with your interviews, honey. Get out there and knock 'em dead!

    CC x

  7. Anyway to get HIM fired before you go.
    People like this make me sick.
    WHY are people so awful?
    We are all human and we are all in this together.

    Good luck on finding the right job for you with the right people too. If you need anything, let me know.

  8. He is an A-HOLE.

    You are amazing.

    I can't add anything more than what the others have said, but you deserve better.

    ILY x

  9. Thanks, ladies. No news from the second interview on Monday yet... I'm not sure how it went. But the phone interview yesterday went very well, and that job might be a better fit, overall. So hopefully they'll think so, too!

    I guess I neglected to mention here that the boss of whom I speak is owner and sole operator of the company. There are no other employees besides me.

    I appreciate all of your support and letting me vent here! I flove you ladies hard!