Monday, February 20, 2012


Yeah, so this is going to be a short, but extremely frustrated blog post. I need to vent...

This doesn't even cover it...

Picture me: heavy Monday at work; just fed the troops; feeling the need to go defuzz my legs (and other regions, of which I shall not speak...!). I begin to run myself a bath...

This is what I envisage:

Aaaaah! Essential oils and candlelight--the perfect atmosphere for fanfiction...

Sadly, what I envisage is--this evening at least--far from what I get.

I dip my toe into the water to test the temperature... Perfect! Lowering myself into the tub, I make sure I have all of the essentials to hand...

It's worked every single time so far. I'm so careful. I have to be, as my glasses steam up, so I know when I'm in the bath I need to take care!

Obviously, this evening, I didn't take enough care :-(

Yeah, so replace that dude's face with mine, and you know what happened. And, amazingly, I hasten to add, even #Thing1 was surprised that he didn't hear me cuss.

Hell, no!

It was a whimpered "Aaaaaah!", followed by a slightly more forceful "Oh no!" that fell from my lips. You whiny people would have been proud of me *nods vigorously*.

My iPod fell into the bathwater. It is dead. It has languished in the airing cupboard of revival, having been blasted with the warm air of hairdryer greatness. And now it's sitting in a dish of rice grains, in an attempt to draw out the last dregs of moisture.

I'm not terribly hopeful :-(

This post was brought to you from the UK by CC x


  1. Oh... NOES!!
    I took a bath yesterday hoping to relax my muscles since I've been sick... I thought "take the iPhone or no" I went with no thank god bc I ended up dropping everything I picked up.

    I hope the rice grains work! *crosses fingers*

  2. OH NOES!

    Now, this might not help for the moment, but someone on twitter (not sure whom) gave me a GREAT tip that can help stop this happening again.

    There are handy-dandy iPad/iPhone/iPod sized zip-lock plastic bags, and you can touch the screen through the plastic! I had a successful iPhone bath the other day and it has changed my world. I'm all about the iPad this weekend I think!

    And while we're on the subject, did anyone else notice it's really hard to buy bubble bath for grown ups these days? You can buy bath bombs, bath oils... I just want bubbles! And I don't particularly want to have to resort to a Thomas the Tank Engine or similar product range to get it!

    Love you CC. Fingies crossed the iPod recovers. xx

  3. Oh no, CC!!! I feel for you. I had a very freak accident that landed my phone in the bottom of the pool two summers ago and then as I was taking pictures at the beach with another phone I lost my balance and fell losing the phone and it landing, you guessed it, into the water.

    I'm often on my phone when I draw a bath for my daughter and have to remind myself to put it on the counter. If I could just get Edward to draw the baths around here I wouldn't have to worry so much.

    Let us know if you recover it!

  4. I hoped I was wrong with my guess. I am so sorry sweetie.